Hk-701 automatic computer pneumatic last pulling machine


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Hk-701 last pulling machine product advantages: 1: the machine development for sports shoes automation, fast, simple operation, save manpower, high output, do not need professional operation, male and female staff can, the machine is PLC automatic control, multi language touch screen settings, easy operation, just put shoes and take shoes action, automatic induction action, 2: the machine has four kinds of operation Mode, manual, automatic, pedal, induction, can choose the corresponding operation mode under any conditions, in line with the humanized design. 3: Pneumatic power operation is adopted. Compared with the old hydraulic power operation, there is no motor, which saves electricity and no need to add hydraulic oil. It is clean, environmentally friendly and cost-effective. 4: This machine is a single station pneumatic last pulling operation. Compared with the traditional hydraulic last pulling machine, its production capacity can be increased by 1.5 times, and the operator can reduce fatigue and improve efficiency.

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