HK-47 Trimming machine


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Product characteristics

1. Production of PU, or like rubber one-time forming work shoes, climbing shoes and so on, to trim the middle edge of sole, increase the trimming angle of vision, the operation is easier and faster.

2. The upper or lower knives used for repairing are firm and durable, which not only grinds the knives easily, but also prolongs the service life and greatly reduces the cost of using the knives.

3. One person uses a machine to rotate the work object by changing hands. The edge of the middle wool is completely trimmed once near the cutter. If it is not trimmed, it can be trimmed again close to the sole itself without harming the sole itself.

4. It is easy to load and unload the cutter on the machine. The special adjusting mechanism can keep the contact between the upper cutter and the lower cutter completely parallel. It also has the cooling water cup of the cutter and the tool grinding equipment, which makes the use of the cutter more convenient.

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