Understanding the Development and Change of Flipper

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Today's clothing machinery is also changing according to the changes of the times, electronic equipment instead of traditional equipment, more convenient to operate. The same is true of the use of folding machine. As a representative of garment processing machinery, after many people use it, the function of folding machine is constantly improving. If you want to buy a folder, do not understand its development and changes, the emergence of new functions is realistic.
A location value of 0% (no soft contact, that is, the same as a mechanical folder) and 100% soft contact (the maximum distance between blades) are allowed for the folder. The location value is stored in memory and can be copied. The top and bottom blades of the folder can be arranged by an independent parameter even in soft contact, which greatly increases the adjustment options, thus achieving excellent folding effect and quality, and maximizing the protection of the media.
Mechanical folder has no soft contact characteristics. Soft contact features in electronic folders allow electronic folders to work separately to improve the quality of each medium, and to fold sensitive or composite media carefully so that they are free of leakage and print online eye patterns on the underlying soft media. When the program is input in memory, the parameters stored in the soft contact program can be called out together with other stored parameters whenever it needs to be reproduced. The new generation of electronic folding machine has provided many new choices for a folding machine to serve a variety of folding tasks. By adjusting the motion of the folding knife electronically, the required medium quality and the required folding geometry and quality can be achieved.


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