The structure characteristics of wrinkled machine

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The new machine can be used to shape the fabric wrinkle, after the shape of fabric for making skirt suits, shirts, pajamas, children's clothing and a variety of decorative tapestry, cloth etc.. The series of machines are divided into A, B, C, T and D according to the folding function. They can be used to fold straight lines, bamboo leaves and wavy lines respectively, and equipped with changing        scenery mechanism and drawing device, which can fold various combinations of pleat lines. A unique jacquard folding machine designed to fold the image of a special and three-dimensional jacquard pattern. Parameters: maximum folding width 1400/1000mm; maximum folding speed 80 folds / min; motor power 1.2/1.1kw; electric heating power 9/7kw; shape size 3300 * 1650 * 1750mm2900 * 1650 * 1750mm; quality 1300/1100kg.


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