You know how much use wrinkled machine

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1., for the front of the shirt discount (strip) decoration.
2., for women's clothing, fashion, children's clothing and so on discount (strip) decoration.
3.. For bed sheets, quilt covers, pillowcases, etc., bedding discounts (strips) decoration.
4., for fabric development and utilization.
5.. Used for ordinary decorative decoration and rubber cord wrinkle decoration. Generally speaking machine can be used for various artificial and wrinkled fabric crushed and heat setting, can finish all kinds of wrinkles, such as wrinkle, wrinkle, straight bamboo combination wrinkle, wrinkle.
We described the application of wrinkled machine from five aspects, not women's clothing, bed linen, or fabric development and utilization, it can be seen that wrinkled machine is very can play a role. If you want to buy such equipment, and we can play machine manufacturers contact, professional production of various types of equipment, meet the needs of everyone.


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