Analysis of China's local shoes machine of industry development characteristics

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    In recent years, China's rapid development the footwear industry, of the world's total output in shoes 51% of production, at the same time, China shoe machinery industry also obtained fast growth. The early 1980 s, China shoe machinery industry is relatively backward, under the planned economy system, the national light industrial department designated production shoe-making machinery products wrapping the enterprise, few varieties of products, technical level is low, can not meet the need of domestic production of high-grade leather shoes. In order to promote the development of the industry of shoes manufacture machinery, accelerating to lead at technology digestion absorption, and enhancing the national shoe machinery industry level, five-year period, the state economic and trade commission and the state department, light industry ministry formulated an "shoemaking industry processing equipment national key lead, a development plan", the domestic production equipment of other parts need to import key to subtract, duty-free and so on, these shoes machine for the development of the industry and lay the foundation. In the 90 s, China began to enter into the footwear industry development of the period. Shoes machine industry distribution of each show trait. Guangdong province of guangdong taiwan-owned enterprise vigorous development, also influence the drive and national shoe machinery industry. In guangdong dongguan, the south China sea and the shenzhen and other regions, grow a batch for enterprise provide spare parts from, equipment maintenance and management second-hand shoes machine to now has the strong production shoes manufacture equipment can, or even production equipment processing equipment of enterprise. Fujian fujian jinjiang as our country producing sports shoes, casual shoes, travel the largest area, there are shoemaking enterprise many 3000, annual output of nearly 500 million pairs of shoes, in recent years, the accumulative total introduce shoemaking lines DuoTiao 2000 (set), Eva sole a molding injection machine nearly 60 sets. In a year on average, technical transformation capital of 800 million yuan. Wenzhou shoe-making machinery wenzhou enterprise to make full use of this opportunity, product technical level and the scale of production got by leaps and bounds development. The western shoes industry processing base in western China chengdu, chongqing, in recent years, the development of the west country by the east wind, and the local government has set up shoemaking industry development zone, establish a series of preferential policies, investment promotion, and encourage the development of the high shoes, solve the employment of the productive forces social problems. Qingdao north China Qingdao region, also is the shoes industry important areas, here on several Chinese famous shoemaking enterprise, such as binary, hang up to, gold monkey enterprise. Also like LanCun the same cheap shoes and processing base, but due to the slow development, most enterprise basic is made by hand and half mechanization production, to the needs of the equipment is not very big. Yancheng is located in the northern jiangsu province of jiangsu, here no traffic guangdong, fujian, wenzhou and other coastal cities and convenient, economy is relatively backward; There are also no wenzhou, guangzhou so many enterprise. But yancheng shoes machine, in the 80 s, the national light industrial support, cutting equipment production and the number of export.


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