The dongguan shoes machine enterprise leading drafting the industry standard

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    Is developing JiXieYe shoes industry standard, will have talked the trace of the enterprises. Reporter recently in shoe machinery 2010 industry standard in the table to make project is found, the need to make a industry standard, the zhuhai four shoes machine enterprise is responsible for leading the drafting of a: there are four, the others 3 be zhejiang enterprises go against.

    According to the 2010 young industry formulated or revised industry standard project plan, shoemaking equipments with 10 included in the plan, including seven items as formulated, the others 3 for revision. The general manager of the company TaHuangNiu zou today to say: "we received in February of China light industry union files, inform us responsible for drafting an industry standard, is expected to complete in April, and then to the industry and the related research institutes to discuss deliberation."

    The dongguan shoes machine vice secretary general chamber of commerce ZhaoWei flat says, industry standards, and will be of shoe machinery the development of the market have standard function. And participate in the making work, also "to improve the dongguan enterprise's popularity".


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